Mini Moover & Groovers 

A class designed for our youngest students full of FUN and LAUGHTER.. A perfect mix of dance and gym for active little people.

Pre School Combo

A combination of jazz, tap and ballet offered in one class for 2 - 4 year olds. This class gives your little ones the chance to explore each style of dance, whilst learning the fundamentals of each genre including rhythm, co-ordination and most importantly FUN!

Kindy Gym

A tailor made class suitable for 2 - 4 year olds teaching basic acrobatic skills. With the aid of equipment students are able to learn foundation work along with having fun strengthening their little bodies with obstacle courses.  


A very popular style of dance that is enjoyed by all ages, our classes are structured around the A.T.O.D Jazz Moves Syllabi in which examinations are offered to the students. This style strengthens coordination and improves fexibility and control.

Classical Ballet

A well disciplined art form, where all technique grounding is derived from. Although the most disciplined art form, it is also the most expressive and rewarding. Our students learn from the A.T.O.D Classical Ballet syllabi and are offered exam work accordingly. 



All about the sound and rhythm we can make using our feet. Tap dance improves rhythm and musical appreciation amongst dancers. Our tap students are also offered a chance to sit examinations through the A.T.O.D.

Contemporary & Lyrical

A dance style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern,  jazz and classical ballet.

Contemporary focusses more on versatility of the body through movement along with working in and out of the floor and lyrical focussing on the connection of music through lyrics with a strong emphasis between the mind and body.


A very popuylar class choice amongst students, which teaches children to safely tumble. From beginner classes to senior classes, students will learn a series of tricks, which will lead into tumble lines along with gaining strength and agility. 



Is a popular, energetic dance style, which has become very popular amongst all ages. Hip-Hop is a broad collection of urban street dance styles including Breaking, Popping, Locking, Jerkin and Krumping. Fun, energetic classes, which promote fitness for all. 


Traditional Irish Dance

Fun, energetic and enjoyable for all ages. 

Private Tuition 

Private Lessons are available for students who are wanting to learn solo/duo or trio performance work. These classes are also available for students who require extra work on technique, skills and work as a one on one base for students.


Performance Class

This class is open for all students and isn't by an audition process. We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to attend the class and perform with our performance team through out the competition season. This is an extra class taken on top of your general classes. 

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